Goo(yaaaaaaaaawwwnnn)d night tumblr.  
dream sweetly!  

Goo(yaaaaaaaaawwwnnn)d night tumblr.  

dream sweetly!  

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you know I feel a bit....misplaced, I dont feel like I'm a submissive, yet I crave for the things that Dom's stand for, protection, love, care, adoration(etc,etc) But I dont think that I would never want to be spanked or anything of that nature. Im not sure what I'm saying here at this point, I saw your (every little needs a stuffie) and I immediately thought to myself...but I dont have a stuffie I have a fluffy pillow I cuddle every night. Perhaps I just havent had the opportunity to explore.

Hello sweet Anon.  In the stages of exploration and finding our submissive (and Dominant) sides, it can be very confusing. Am I?   Where do I fit in?  

Let me first say, that in the lovely and amazing world of D/s, the rules are whatever you, as a couple, make them.  There isn’t a giant handbook of how to or rules you must follow.  I call it a BDSM smorgasbord.  Take what you want and leave the rest.

If pain isn’t your thing, don’t do it. That is what limits are for.  I have many friends, Doms and subs, that are sensual and not into pain.  For them it’s just the D/s side-the power exchange.  

I will say however, I didn’t think pain was my thing when I began, after a couple years and exposure to more things, I discovered that I did enjoy some pain, not extreme, and pain mixed with pleasure.  Being flogged feels like an amazing massage to me.

The things that you describe liking however, are also very vanilla things in a loving committed relationship.  So perhaps all you long for is to be loved, adored, cherished and respected, which includes, a sense of belonging and security of being protected.  It all comes together when you’re with the right person.  

As for the stuffie, well, we all have our loveys as children and even as adults.  Some it’s just the cuddles of a comfy fluffy pillow.  For me,  I have Taddy, my bear and he makes me feel comforted when I sleep and when I’m feeling little as well as someone I play with when I’m little.  

My advise to you, is read and do your research on being a submissive and all the different types and decide if you identify with it still, after knowing more.  Don’t rush into anything.  I’m always open to talking if you would like and if you decide to come off of anon, I will keep it private rather than posting if you’d prefer.  I normally do as a rule.  

Thank you for your message.  

   I hope this was helpful.  




Littles and stuffies go together like Daddies and Littles.

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In the hands of the right man, a woman is a hundred different women, limited only by imagination and his willingness to make her feel safe and lead her.

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If you feel this way, tell her, not your friends.  She needs to hear it!

If you feel this way, tell her, not your friends.  She needs to hear it!

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German design studio Korefe created the world’s first completely edible cookbook. Designed as a limited edition series for the art and culinary publishing company Gerstenberg Publishing House, The Real Cookbook is an edible instruction manual made of 100% fresh pasta with a classic lasagna recipe embossed on its pages. The Real Cookbook can be opened, read, and then each page used as a layer for making the very same lasagna described on those pasta pages.

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